A picture of David's story

David Collins – accountancy apprentice

Accountancy apprentice David, 41, says an apprenticeship with Sanctuary is a great opportunity for anyone, irrespective of their age.

After trying everything from selling elevators in Dubai to owning his own fish and chip shop, David felt he still hadn’t found his ideal career.

He said: “I was interested in a career in accountancy but almost all jobs nowadays require at least one to two years of experience and it can be very difficult to get a foot in the door.

“Although they are generally associated more with younger people, I thought an apprenticeship with Sanctuary sounded like a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain invaluable work experience.”

David enjoys the variety that his apprenticeship offers and the ability to learn new skills and test himself on a daily basis.

He said: “I enjoy the balance of work and studies. It can be challenging but there is so much support available and colleagues are always there and available to guide you.

“Alongside our studies and everything we learn on the job, we are also able to take part in workshops to build our confidence and communication skills, which are invaluable tools when it comes to working life.”

The highlight of David’s apprenticeship to date has been passing his Advanced Book Keeping exam, and he is now looking forward to completing his apprenticeship and would like to continue his studies and secure a permanent role with Sanctuary in the future.

He said: “I am aiming to build a career in accountancy and my apprenticeship is giving me a fantastic start.

“I would definitely recommend the programme to others, especially those who are a bit older and may think that this type of scheme is aimed solely at the younger age bracket.”