A picture of Edna's story

Edna Ankra – Nursing Associate apprentice

My journey into apprenticeship, by Edna Ankrah, Nursing Associate at Riverlee Residential and Nursing Home.

My interest in nursing began while I was working as a care assistant in a Residential and Nursing home. The satisfaction I gained while caring for the elderly inspired me to pursue this, because I realise I enjoy caring for others. I like to look after people, those who are ill and support them until they are better.

I got to know about the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Programme through my manager, who handed me the leaflet two days before the programme session and asked me if I was aware of the apprenticeship and if I was interested. I was excited to hear about this opportunity and decided to attend the programme session. After going along and learning more, I decided I wanted to take up the opportunity. And today, I am currently completing an Fdsc Higher Nursing Apprenticeship Level 5.

At the start of the course, I thought it was going to be easy, but it got to a time during the course I became worried about whether I would be able to pass all my exams and assignment. But with hard work and determination, I have completed my exam and assignments so far. I am getting work experience as well as learning new skills from health professionals.

Any colleague who is thinking of starting an apprenticeship, go for it!

What have I learnt?

I have gained new skills, knowledge, and experience from taking part in the apprenticeship programme. In particular, one of the modules is focused around the human body. I have learnt the biological processes that occur in the human body and why they are in place to be able to explain to residents why they are getting their treatment.

Another module was around medicine management. I learnt how to calculate drug dosage accurately when administrating drugs, looking out for vital signs and the correct way to do it. I work alongside a Registered Nurse at the GP surgery on my placement, which has enabled me to take part in diabetic reviews, along with having the opportunity to go out with the pharmacist for patient medication reviews. I learnt why reviews need to be done, so they can decide to increase the dose or stop the medication. I was supervised by a Registered Nurse while administrating vitamin b12 injection.

The benefits

I have benefited from the apprenticeship by gaining knowledge in medicine management before administering it and how to use the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) approach to assess and treat reidents. I’ve also learnt about the signs and symptoms of pneumonia, sepsis and anaphylaxis, and what happens when germs enter the body.

My future plan is after I have qualified as Registered Nursing Associate, I have the option to train as a Registered Nurse, but I want to continue to work for Sanctuary as a Registered Nursing Associate for a few years. I also love to encourage and assist new student Nursing Associates, to help and support them, in the way I received great support myself.

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