A picture of MORE programme

Through our MORE programme, Sanctuary connects with people in places where we are building new homes, helping to engage future residents.

Funded through Sanctuary’s ambitious development programme, we work with our development partners to undertake a variety of community projects, providing practical help to improve local facilities, services and spaces.

By its very definition, the programme aims to go above and beyond - MORE seeks to add value to communities and provide sustainable legacies.

Projects which bring Sanctuary’s values to life

It responds at a local and national level to global issues such as the need for biodiversity, reducing poverty, and increasing economic activity.

Priority is given to projects which bring Sanctuary’s values of ambition, diversity, integrity, quality, and sustainability to life.

There are many examples of how our community investment is building communities up and down the country. These include the development of a library in Southend, the refurbishment of a community hall in Canewdon, and the delivery of an outdoor classroom facility in Cumbernauld.

We are passionate about generating opportunities

In addition, we are passionate about generating opportunities for local labour, apprenticeships, work experience and training - during the last financial year alone we supported 51 apprenticeships and invested £53,000.

Looking to the future, our Head of Place Shaping, Colleen Eccles, is working with schools in the localities of our developments to run workshops with pupils, encouraging them to think about development and construction as a career path.

They are also being further engaged by helping to name developments and to think about the skills required to develop new homes.

Over the life of our development programme, Sanctuary’s ambition is to increase our achievements each year, providing new and unique opportunities for local people in the neighbourhoods in which we build.