A picture of Reducing isolation

Isolation can affect individuals of any age experiencing a lack of contact with people and society. Without support, isolation can amplify a person’s feelings of low self-worth, shame, loneliness, depression and have a damaging impact on health and well-being.

This year we supported over 2,000 people through projects which aim to reduce isolation. To identify the best way to reduce isolation we work with our community partners to understand the specific circumstances for the people affected. For example, we look at whether health, disability, culture, language or simply where somebody lives are contributing factors.

Projects helping to reduce isolation among older people this year included: activities linking Girl Guides with residents at an extra care scheme in Soham; arm chair theatre events in Chester; a series of health and well-being events for sheltered housing residents in Peterhead; and a sporting memories therapeutic project with a football club in Cumbernauld.