A picture of Skills for young people

Immediate Theatre, Kingsmead, London

Sanctuary has provided £3,000 investment to Immediate Theatre, an estate-based youth theatre group in Kingsmead, London.

The group works with young people and communities in Hackney and East London to ensure access for all arts activities that break down barriers and engage people.

Sessions have included after school drama sessions for two different age groups and then their parents and younger siblings were invited to take part in cookery and play activities.

The organised sessions were designed to provide an inclusive community-based drama provision for children, young people and their parents to enable them to develop their skills, confidence and sense of community.

As a result of the drama sessions, the young people put on a performance of Cinderella which saw more than 50 local people attend.

45 people developed a new skill through the sessions, with five people going on to gain employment.