A picture of Tackling worklessness

Across England around 20 per cent of adults aged 19 to 64 have no qualifications and in many of the communities where we offer housing and support this can be as high as 35 per cent. In the last year we have worked hard with partners to tackle this inequality.

In many of our local communities there are people who lack the skills, confidence and qualifications to secure good employment or make an active contribution to community life. Helping people to gain qualifications has a positive impact for individuals. This can lead to securing good employment, improving the skills needed to manage a home and a positive impact for communities.

This year we encouraged our community partners to expand the aspirations of their learning projects, resulting in 89 people gaining a qualification.

We have funded food hygiene training for people living in our communities. Holding an up-to-date food hygiene certificate can help someone get paid employment or volunteer in their local community. Because this training is very practical, it can also help overcome a fear of learning, provide a sense of achievement and the motivation to move onto other things. For one mother of three in Shiregreen, who also cares for her disabled husband, it has meant an opportunity to meet new people and find paid work.