A picture of Callie's story

Callie studied History at Durham University.

After volunteering with a charity for homeless young people for a year after graduation, it was important to me that I started my career with a socially minded organisation, but I also wanted to be able to develop my commercial awareness and the skills I had learned during my degree; Sanctuary’s graduate scheme was the perfect fit.

What really made the scheme stand out for me was the opportunity to spend time in 4 completely different areas of the business – a totally unique offering – and the investment in my learning and development that Sanctuary provides.

My first placement was in Community Investment looking at how our work in communities could positively impact other areas of our business as well as our tenants. As part of this placement I was able to visit neighbourhoods across the country, from Aberdeen to Torbay, to see how we support our tenants and communities.

Throughout my placement I had the freedom to get involved in new pieces of work that interested me, such as looking at the measurement of Social Return on Investment and working with the design team to produce new promotional material for our projects. The freedom to do this, coupled with the autonomy I was given by my manager to define the scope of my project and the project plan, led to an amazing breadth of work throughout my placement.

My second placement with the IS projects team has given me the opportunity to learn more widely about the future of technology and technology change management. During this placement I have been given a huge level of responsibility and trust, and have helped to lead on the business engagement for our new technology strategy. This has involved speaking to over 25 different business areas about their current state and how they would like technology to transform the way they work over the next 5 years. I have also been able to help in planning the strategy and governance around implementing some of this change after my placement has ended.

This placement has been a unique and exciting opportunity to view technology in the Group from a strategic perspective, seeing how multiple projects tie-in together to ultimately work towards the same objective. This placement has engaged me in different styles of project management and given me the freedom to explore them. I am hoping to be able to build on these and see the other side of technology change in my third placement in our Maintenance department, where I will be helping to plan and implement some of the technology transformation operationally.