29 June 2015
A picture of Sanctuary leads the field in the delivery of new homes

Leading housing and care provider Sanctuary Group has topped this year’s Development Survey in Inside Housing with a record figure of 3,154 completions during the last financial year.

The survey, published in Inside Housing (Friday 26 June), showed that Sanctuary built 50 per cent more homes than number two in the rankings, who delivered 2,031 during the same period.

Sanctuary also led the field in the number of new homes constructed for social rent, underlining our commitment to remain true to our charitable purpose of delivering social housing for those in need.

The Group headed the largest housing programme in the sector, building a total of 5,000 new homes at a capital investment of over £750 million during 2011-15.

Group Chief Executive David Bennett said: “The building of over 3,000 homes during the last financial year is an outstanding achievement. Our highly experienced development team rose to what was a huge challenge and we are enormously proud of their accomplishments.

“Through careful financial management, we have been able to create sufficient capacity to subsidise the building of social housing and will continue to invest in new homes going forward.”

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