17 August 2017
A picture of Sanctuary staff take part in fire training simulation

Firefighters in Manchester have undergone a rigorous training drill thanks to the support of Sanctuary Students.

The leading student accommodation provider joined forces with the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to host a simulation exercise at its Nick Everton House complex on Grafton Street.

Crews from Moss Side Fire Station’s Red Watch and Salford Fire Station’s Red Watch took part in the staged scenario on the sixth floor of Sanctuary’s high rise property, which is home to 590 students.

The exercise was designed to replicate the conditions firefighters, staff and students would face in a real-life emergency.

Sixteen firefighters battled synthetic smoke to recover dummies which had been strategically placed throughout the building.

Firemen that took part in a Sanctuary Students fire training simulation.As part of the reconstruction, staff from Sanctuary Students directed crews to the exact location of the fire and were able to provide details of the building’s occupancy and layout as well as the location of gas and electric isolation points.

Sam McMillan, Director - Sanctuary Students, said: “The safety of our students is paramount and this type of simulation allows us to test our fire prevention and incident procedures to the full as well as support the local emergency services with their training.

“It was important to make the scenario as realistic as possible to replicate the steps both the Sanctuary Students’ team and the fire crews would follow if the situation was real.”

Crew Commander Howson from Moss Side Red Watch commented: “The exercise was a great success, allowing firefighters to practice in zero visibility and carrying out numerous rescues of training dummies.

“This type of training means we are practised in dealing with incidents in large, complex buildings and further real incidents are dealt with as safely and efficiently as possible.”