31 October 2018
A picture of Sanctuary retains highest ratings from regulator

Sanctuary Group has retained its G1 and V1 ratings from the Regulator of Social Housing following an annual stability check.

The Group received the highest rating for both its governance and viability in the judgement, which demonstrates confidence in Sanctuary’s robust business plan to increase housing supply and care services for older people.

With a portfolio of more than 100,000 units of accommodation across England and Scotland, Sanctuary aspires to build 30,000 new homes and currently manages more than 100 care homes.

David Bennett, Sanctuary’s Group Chief Executive, said: “Sanctuary has belief and confidence in its business plan and the retention of these ratings from the regulator is testament to that.

“This judgment enables us to look to the future with an assurance that we can deliver on our charitable objectives of providing housing and care services to those who need them most.”