25 March 2019
A picture of Dispatches - Statement from Craig Moule, Group Chief Executive

Statement from Craig Moule, Group Chief Executive:

"You may have seen Dispatches on Channel 4 tonight (Monday 25 March) which asked whether housing associations are the new landlords from hell. Sanctuary was featured and I wanted to share a little about the programme.

"I’d been in post as Sanctuary’s Group Chief Executive for a month when we found out the programme was being made. Like anyone would, I felt shocked and concerned. Had we let people down?

"Having seen the programme, we know this is not an accurate reflection of these cases or our wider services. I feel confident that we took the right steps throughout and that how our actions have been presented – that we refused to fix issues for example – is simply untrue.

"I strongly believe social housing should be a genuine, legitimate tenure of choice where people can live, raise families, be part of a community and grow old.

"I want our residents to know we care because they can see it and feel it in our actions.

"I acknowledge we don’t always get things right and if we have fallen short, we work with residents to make sure we understand why and how we can improve.

"If you have any issues you want to contact us about, please get in touch."