18 July 2019
A picture of Joint statement from Sanctuary and Rochford District Council

Rt Hon Mark Francois MP tabled a debate about Sanctuary in the House of Commons this evening (Thursday 18 July).

Sanctuary Housing and Rochford District Council have released a joint statement:

“Sanctuary Housing and Rochford District Council have successfully worked together for 12 years and share a deep long-term commitment to serve the people of Rochford.

“We are working together to build new homes, improve existing homes and promote sustainable communities across the district, including investment in housing adaptations in properties as required.

“As part of our partnership and to demonstrate Sanctuary’s firm commitment to Rochford, Sanctuary agreed to pay Rochford District Council a sum of money if the sites of the new homes had planning permission but were not built out.

“Sanctuary and Rochford District Council are working together proactively to secure planning consent on two key sites, so the Council has not yet required the payment and continues to work positively through the challenges of the planning process.

“Sanctuary and the Council remain committed to building the homes that are needed within the local community.

“More widely, our partnership has seen more than £76 million invested in Rochford since 2007. In that time, Sanctuary Housing has fitted 1446 brand new kitchens and bathrooms and spent £110,000 on community activities.

“We look forward to continuing our strong and close partnership for years to come.”


Background information

  • Since 2007 Sanctuary has built 185 homes across 27 sites in Rochford. 
  • The two key sites which have not yet been granted planning consent are Timber Grove, London Road, Rayleigh, with 86 homes and land between Barrow Hall Road and Southend Road, Great Wakering, with 120 homes. Sanctuary does not yet own Timber Grove but is working closely with the owner with a view to purchasing once planning permission is granted.
  • Bullwood Hall, the former prison site, was granted planning consent in December 2018 for 78 homes and work has begun. The homes are expected to be completed between 2020 and 2021.