21 August 2019
A picture of Sanctuary Group publishes Our Impact report

Sanctuary Group has published its Our Impact report for 2018/2019 highlighting its ongoing commitment to investing in communities.

 The report highlights how Sanctuary has invested £1.4 million in funding, time and resources into local communities, supporting a range of projects aimed at ensuring its neighbourhoods are great places to live. It focuses on five core areas:

  • Financial inclusion
  • Employment, education, skills and training
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Community safety
  • Environment

This investment has contributed to the delivery of over 400 projects. Key highlights include more than 6,000 people being supported into employment, education or training and over 19,500 involved in projects to improve health and reduce social isolation. The projects also attracted a further £2.3 million in match funding from Sanctuary’s community partners.

The report, the first published since Craig Moule became Group Chief Executive in January 2019, sees Sanctuary reiterate its commitment to create homes and places where residents feel safe, secure and have a vibrant community to engage in.

Nicole Seymour, Sanctuary’s Group Director – Corporate Services, commented: “Investing in our communities is vital to ensuring the homes and estates where we operate are great places to live. Our aim is to ensure community projects create long-term sustainable change which is achieved by working in partnership with local residents and organisations at the heart of our neighbourhoods.

“Sanctuary’s residents are the reason we do everything we do, and it’s about listening, learning and working with them to deliver local solutions.

“We are proud of the positive impact we’re making in communities across the country and want to go even further next year to support more residents and make a positive difference to their lives.”