5 August 2019
A picture of Tour highlights how Sanctuary Group is investing in Rochford

Members of the Rochford Committee were given a tour of local developments to see how Sanctuary Group is investing in the area.

The committee, comprised of councillors, residents and independent members, visited the site of the former Bullwood Hall Prison, in Hockley, where Sanctuary is currently building 72 new homes in partnership with Rochford District Council.

The £17.5 million development, known as Bullwood Gardens, is due to be completed in 2022 and will provide properties ranging from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom family houses for affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

As part of its plans, Sanctuary will also be handing over a 17 acre area of woodland opposite the development site to Rochford District Council, for use by the local community.

Members of Rochford Committee at the Bullwood Gardens development site.

The committee also toured Frances Cottee Lodge, in Rayleigh, where Sanctuary works closely with Rochford District Council to provide temporary accommodation for people who have been made homeless.

Patricia O’Shea, chair of the Rochford Committee, said: “We were delighted to hear more about Sanctuary’s commitment to investing in Rochford and delivering high quality homes and services for local people.

“It was great to learn more about the plans for Bullwood Gardens and get an up-close look at how the scheme is taking shape.”

Akin Oyefeso, Sanctuary’s housing services manager, added: “It was a pleasure to show committee members how work is progressing at Bullwood Gardens and demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality homes for local residents.”

Sanctuary has been serving the people of Rochford since 2007 and manages 2,000 homes in the district.

The Rochford Committee is responsible for monitoring local services and compliance with the Rochford Charter, which sets out Sanctuary’s commitments to customers.