23 December 2019
A picture of Sanctuary credit rating revised by Standard and Poor’s

Sanctuary Group has seen its credit rating outlook revised to A+ stable by independent credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P).

The annual report cited Sanctuary’s large asset base and broad geographical coverage across the country, as well as its increasing revenues, as key factors in S&P’s rating.

In addition, Sanctuary has also retained its A2 stable credit rating from Moody’s Investors Service.

Moody’s highlighted Sanctuary’s consistent strategy and business model as a key credit strength, along with the Group’s strong governance and financial management.

Sanctuary currently manages over 100,000 units of accommodation across England and Scotland, including nearly 100 care homes.

Ed Lunt, Sanctuary Group Finance Director, commented: “These ratings reflect our focus on being a financially stable and resilient organisation, while delivering services in line with our social purpose of providing housing and care to those in need.”