6 March 2020
A picture of Our 2020-2023 Corporate Strategy

By Craig Moule, Sanctuary Group Chief Executive

Sanctuary Group has a history going back more than 50 years and, as the Group’s Chief Executive, I’m extremely proud to be leading an organisation that today provides homes and care to 250,000 people across England and Scotland.

As one of the largest housing associations in the country, and also one of the largest care providers, I know that our 13,000 employees, our homes and our services, make a great difference to people’s lives every day, from Aberdeen to Torbay.

Our size and scale means we are acutely aware of the multi-faceted challenges that housing and care providers face, and indeed, that the UK as a whole must overcome.

We are facing a climate emergency; affordability of housing continues to price many out of the market; the numbers of rough sleepers on our streets is growing; we have an ageing population; and there is a mounting challenge to ensure everyone in the country is able to access affordable, high quality social care.

Our reach, our experience and our financial strength means we have the opportunity to make a difference in these areas, not just on an individual, day-by-day level, but on a much wider scale.

Our 2020-2023 Corporate Strategy will be a vital tool to help us meet this challenge. It confirms our commitments to the housing and care sectors for the next three years, ensuring we stay focused on our mission and values.

It also confirms four strategic priorities: Engage, Invest, Advance and Grow, and underlines our key strengths - our ‘enablers’ - that will bring about their success.

We strongly feel that a sense of belonging and of living in a place that people are proud of needs to be revived. We want our residents to feel a sense of ownership and to be empowered to shape their communities. We want to be accountable to our communities.

There are many challenges that face communities across the UK and while we cannot solve them on our own, I believe that by staying true to our mission, our sense of purpose and our values, we will be able to play our part and continue to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Read our Corporate Strategy 2020-2023 (PDF 1.44MB)