30 April 2020
A picture of Partnership working secures flat closure in Redruth

A property in Redruth which has been blighted by antisocial behaviour has been successfully closed for three months.

Sanctuary Housing has worked closely with Redruth Police and Cornwall Council’s Anti Social Behaviour Team over a number of months to obtain an order for the flat in Monument Way.

Residents, including key workers and older people, have had to put up with a series of incidents involving criminal damage, noise nuisance and suspected drug-related activity.

Under the three-month order imposed by magistrates, nobody other than the tenant or Sanctuary representatives is allowed to enter the flat or related communal areas.

Sanctuary is currently unable to take possession of the property due to the government’s three-month suspension of possession hearings because of coronavirus.

The housing provider had been working to recover the property since before this ruling came into force and is continuing to work towards this aim.

Neil Trick, Sanctuary’s Area Housing Manager, said: “This closure represents a significant step in our efforts to address antisocial behaviour in the area and improve life for residents who live nearby.

“Being able to achieve this during the current lockdown period demonstrates how partnership working continues to produce results as well as reassure people that their safety and wellbeing remains a top priority.”

Lauren Shapcott, Cornwall Council’s ASB Caseworker, commented: “This legislation is not used lightly, however agencies felt this was the only option left to protect the surrounding residents from further anti-social acts which demonstrates the seriousness of this case.

“We will continue to work in partnership to make the community a safer place for all.”

Residents are encouraged to report anti-social behaviour to the police using the 101 number, by emailing 101@dc.police.uk or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.