6 October 2020
A picture of Sam Cale - Learning Academy Coordinator

Sam Cale, Learning Academy Coordinator, has over 17 years’ service with Sanctuary and says that her learning achievements are largely thanks to the colleagues she has met along the way.

Sam started as a Team Secretary in 2003 and has held a variety of roles since, including Director’s Secretary, Senior PA and HR Coordinator.

Now a Learning Academy Coordinator, Sam supports the Group Head of Learning and Development on a day to day basis and provides support to the wider team.

In her department, Sam considers herself lucky to have exposure to Learning and Development professionals and to be involved in the discussions about the key projects that they deliver.

Sam said: “These factors are an excellent way to boost a natural learning journey - it doesn’t always have to come from a classroom or an e-learning environment.”

Sam has helped with the piloting of training sessions and provided feedback on the content before sessions are live to the rest of the business. She has attended as a delegate on a First Line Manager Programme and a two-day Mental Health First Aid workshop, both offered by Sanctuary’s Learning Academy.

Sam commented: “On reflection, this had a big impact on me. It provided an insight into mental health and gave me confidence to have conversations with work colleagues, family and friends about a subject that was previously deemed a taboo.”

Sam believes that all learning is beneficial in some way, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s gained in an official learning setting or from a colleague, there are always new skills to acquire.