29 January 2021
A picture of Our vaccination joy - Ann's story

For Ann Lyell, manager of Sanctuary Care’s Tyneholm Stables Care Home in East Lothian, anticipating the joy on her residents’ faces when they can hold their loved ones again was a huge motivation to have the Covid-19 vaccine.

She said: “For our residents to be able to touch their loved ones would be absolutely priceless. That will be the day that every single person in this care home will cry tears of happiness.

“To know that the vaccine has been given to enough people that the residents can have normal face to face visits again would mean so much.”

"If having the vaccine gets us one step closer, it was worth it."

Ann admits she was actually nervous about having the vaccine, having never had one before due to health conditions.

She explains: “I did lots of research and for me; it was about the residents knowing I was doing my bit to protect them, as well as protecting myself and my family.

“Ultimately I have worked through this pandemic and I have seen the impact it’s had on our residents. If having this vaccine gets us one step closer to them having their families back as normal, then it was worth it.”

Ann was the first person in her home to have the Pfizer injection in December, with nearly all her staff and residents following closely behind – with no adverse reactions.

She has the following advice to people who are unsure about what to do: “It’s been such a horrendous time for everyone and this vaccine is a ray of hope. I would encourage everyone who has doubts about it to do their research and consider the positive impact of it. Having it made me feel so optimistic.”

Peace of mind

For Ann, the peace of mind the vaccine has given the loved ones of her residents is another huge reason to have it.

She added: “They were ecstatic when they knew we’d had it – it gave them such confidence. One of our relatives told me it had given them light at the end of a tunnel.

“The vaccine is hope for the residents and their loved ones – that’s the ultimate reason to do it.”

Find out more

To find out more about how Sanctuary Care is protecting the safety and wellbeing of its residents please visit its Covid-19 information page. Or for information about their homes their Enquiry Support Team advisors are available on 0800 917 0478.

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