19 April 2021
A picture of Creating an inclusive Sanctuary

Inclusion for All (PDF 1.5MB) is our new equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2021 to 2024. It represents the next phase of our approach to addressing equality, diversity and inclusion.

We’re working together across our organisation for a workplace that treats everyone fairly and respectfully where we can all contribute to its success.

Our goal

We have been listening to the different experiences and diverse voices of our people, which has deepened our understanding and strengthened our commitment.  

We’ve reviewed what’s been achieved so far, through our previous scheme of Fairness for All, and taken into account current data, our regulators, and legislative requirements, as well as advice from our partners.

It’s led us to conclude our focus should be on inclusion for all and our strategic goal is: “a diverse, inclusive organisation where our people thrive and respond to the needs of our customers with fairness and empathy”.

Craig Moule, Group Chief Executive, said: “I am proud to be leading an organisation with this focus. I want everyone to feel part of an inclusive business. Our strategy provides us with a clear vision and objectives against which we can hold ourselves accountable.

“Diversity is about valuing difference of all kinds and equality is about fairness. We want to be treating everyone in a way that ensures they have the same opportunities.

“Having an environment where our people are encouraged to be their whole selves and be celebrated for their many skills, talents and perspectives is the key to ensuring that we are a high-performing organisation which serves our customers with integrity and care.”

Front cover of Sanctuary Group's Inclusion for all Strategy 2021-2024

View the Inclusion for all Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2021-2024 (PDF 1.5MB)