27 April 2021
A picture of Our brand refresh

Today, we’ve launched a refreshed brand identity.

Our goal is to create a family of brands with a common look to show we are one team and reflect the positive difference we make to residents, customers and communities.

Over the last 50 years Sanctuary has grown into one of the largest housing associations in the country. As well as managing close to 70,000 social and affordable houses, we are also one of the biggest care home providers in England and Scotland; manage supported housing and telecare services; build new homes; run a national repairs service; and have a customer and corporate service centre.

Our refreshed identity will result in fewer brands which share the same look and feel, making it clearer and simpler for our customers and partners to understand who we are and what we do.

We will continue to have subsidiary brands of Sanctuary Care, Sanctuary Supported Living, Sanctuary Students, Sanctuary Scotland and Beech Grove Homes.

This brand refresh is taking place between now and December 2022 so our residents, customers and stakeholders will see a gradual change over time.

Most branded items will be replaced at the end of their life cycle to keep costs low. The reduction of brands will be more efficient to manage over the long-term.