28 May 2021
A picture of Sanctuary publishes Environment Strategy

Sanctuary has published its first Environment Strategy, outlining its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and becoming a net zero carbon organisation by 2050.

The strategy highlights Sanctuary’s intent to proactively rise to the climate challenge and make a significant contribution to decarbonising the housing sector.

The focus of the strategy is to set out the positive steps Sanctuary is taking to work towards its environmental goals, outlining how it will comply with regulation targets, including:

  • the gas heating ban in new homes from 2025
  • all social properties to be EPC band C by 2030, and 
  • the Government’s 2050 carbon neutral target

Acknowledging that reaching net zero will require significant action, Sanctuary will spend some time setting targets that will result in substantive change.

Innovation, collaboration and sharing knowledge within the sector are identified by Sanctuary as key components for proactively rising to the challenge.

Donna Williams, Sanctuary Director – Sustainability and Climate Change, said: “Over the past year we have made significant steps in understanding our environmental impact and we recognise the role we have to play in responding to climate change.

“Resourcing large scale retrofit programmes is one of the biggest challenges facing our sector. It will require innovative approaches and we will need to build on our energy efficiency experience.

“Through careful evaluation, monitoring and measuring of the impact of our actions, we will ensure continuous improvement and inform future strategy. This is particularly important considering the level of investment that will be needed to decarbonise our operations and the reliance on new technologies to do so.

“Improving Sanctuary’s environmental performance goes hand in hand with making our homes more comfortable places to live and having more of a positive impact on the society we live in. If we work together and look ahead, we can enjoy a greener and more sustainable future.”

Watch our Environment and Climate Change video below.

Download our Environment Strategy (PDF 1.14MB)