1 October 2021
A picture of Black History Month

Sanctuary is proud to celebrate Black History Month.

As an organisation, Sanctuary will not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form and is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

Events held throughout October will celebrate the richness of black culture and history.

Sanctuary’s Race Equality Network launches today (1 October) to promote the anti-racism agenda and encourage all members of staff to be themselves.

On 20 October a virtual event with expert speakers will enable our staff to engage with the conversation online.

A weekly quiz and exercise challenge will further encourage colleagues across the organisation to get involved.

Yunus Giwa, a member of Sanctuary’s Black History Month Working Group, said: “It's an opportunity for us all to come together, to learn from one another and to celebrate Black History.”

Craig Moule, Sanctuary Group Chief Executive, added: “Sanctuary is committed to inclusivity, does not tolerate racism and is creating a workplace where everyone can thrive.”