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15 November 2016

An affordable home for everyone

With house prices continuing to rise and more people being priced out of the property market, the need for affordable homes across the country is more acute than ever.


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We’re proud to have provided funding to so they can deliver food parcels across
Sanctuary Group
7th of July. 1:00PM
🌈 🎨 Residents in are getting creative with new craft materials - grants for similar projects c…
Sanctuary Group
7th of July. 10:35AM
is to knock down the property in where two children tragically lost their lives, and…
Sanctuary Group
7th of July. 10:00AM
🌈 🦊 The pandemic has shone a light on our amazing partners like the café in with their food p…
Sanctuary Group
6th of July. 10:35AM
🌈 💻🤗 We all need a virtual hug in these difficult times, that's why we are pleased to fund a Zoom subscription at t…
Sanctuary Group
3rd of July. 10:45AM

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