A picture of Nicole's story

Nicole McGarvey – plumbing apprentice

Nicole says her apprenticeship with Sanctuary is a great way to gain valuable skills and work experience while earning a wage at the same time.

Before starting her plumbing apprenticeship, Nicole had been studying fitness, health and exercise at college and was planning to go to university to train to become a physiotherapist.

She said: “I enjoyed college, but having a part-time job on top of the studying was demanding and I was concerned about going to university with no job guaranteed at the end.

“An apprenticeship seemed a very sensible and appealing option for me. I could earn a wage at the same time as learning skills that will always be useful, as everyone needs a plumber.”

Nicole says she has already learned so much since starting her apprenticeship in August 2018.

Based in Glasgow, her role sees her assisting experienced plumbers and learning skills from them to build up a good working knowledge of the trade.

She explained: “I enjoy the variety, every job in a day can be completely different and it is interesting to see how to deal with different situations.

“I also like the practical side of the job as I am able to get a better understanding of how things work by seeing them for myself.”

Nicole says she is supported every step of the way with her apprenticeship, and that her colleagues and managers are always available to help.

She said: “My colleagues are really helpful with any questions, whether they are work or college-related, and they always take time to talk me through what they are doing on a job.

“My line manager regularly asks how I’m getting on and I know I can easily approach management with any problems I come across.”

After completing her apprenticeship, Nicole is hoping to use the skills she has learned to secure a full-time role as a plumber.

She said: “I think Sanctuary has a great apprenticeship scheme and I would recommend it to anyone.

“It’s a good way to secure a job and earn a wage while learning valuable skills and qualities from those already in the trade.”