19 June 2019
A picture of Sanctuary Care resident takes to the skies for helicopter flight

A Sanctuary Care resident has taken flight in a helicopter over Weston-Super-Mare to prove that that nothing should stop you doing what you set your heart on.

Adele Steen, 69, who has used a wheelchair all of her life after contracting polio at 10-weeks-old, was given the opportunity by Beach Lawns Residential and Nursing Home due to her fascination with the sky.

Family, residents and staff gathered on the ground to watch determined Adele, who has also survived life-threatening liver failure, fly over the home in a ride facilitated by The Helicopter Museum.

Adele couldn’t stop smiling after she landed, saying: “Amazing, just amazing. It’s made me want to try a parachute jump next.”

Staff added: “It was a fantastic atmosphere with the other residents there to support her.

“Adele certainly has a lust for life and there’s no stopping her. We are so pleased that she fulfilled her ambition and we are very proud of her.”

Lee Mills, manager at The Helicopter Museum, said: “We always try to cater for everyone no matter their ability and we were only too happy to help.”