22 April 2020
A picture of Residents overjoyed at receiving food parcels

Since the start of the lockdown period in March, Sanctuary has prepared and distributed more than 500 food parcels to its most vulnerable residents around the country.

Each one contains non-perishable items to ensure people unable to leave their homes at this time are supported with emergency supplies.

The response from residents has been truly amazing and our teams of housing officers have taken great pride in being able to help.

One resident replied: “On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to thank Sanctuary Housing for their generous gift boxes of food which you kindly delivered yesterday to our home. We are truly grateful.”

Another man, who lives in Kent, received a parcel because he has restricted mobility following a stroke.

Tina Dust, Area Manager – Housing, commented: “He was very overwhelmed with our kindness and support. As he was unable to lift the boxes I took them into his kitchen and opened them so he could see what they contained.

“He was so grateful and became tearful. He said how kind we were and that we have always been so good to him.”

“It makes our job especially worthwhile when we can provide a good service to our vulnerable customers,” added Housing Officer Abi Germaine.

Similarly, a couple turned to Sanctuary for support because they were struggling to get regular food deliveries.

Abi said: “They were truly grateful for Sanctuary looking out for them as we knew they were both vulnerable.

“Facing a four-week wait for supermarkets, they said we were their only real lifeline for food services at the moment.”