10 February 2021
A picture of Sanctuary donating laptops to schools to support education

Nationwide social housing and care provider Sanctuary Group is donating 100 refurbished laptops to schools across the country to support schoolchildren learning at home.

With schools throughout England and Scotland remaining closed during the current Covid-19 lockdown, teaching has been forced online and an estimated 1.8 million children did not have access to a home computer for remote learning according to figures from Ofcom last month.

Vital equipment

In response to the shortfall, organisations and charities have been sending vital equipment to disadvantaged families and schools to help support those in need.

Sanctuary is now in the process of donating the refurbished laptops to schools across the country in areas where there is an identified need for the vital equipment to support children with their education.

The Group has worked with CDW, one of its technology partners, to purchase the laptops which will not only help during the lockdown, but for families needing access to important equipment at home to support learning outside of the classroom post pandemic.

Kevin Heslop, Sanctuary Group Director – Technology, commented: “We are all aware of the immense challenges families have faced with a second wave of home learning imposed upon already difficult remote working practices as a result of the pandemic.

“As a charitable organisation, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and responding to local needs as part of a nationwide issue is in line with our social purpose.

“These laptops will help schools target, and get equipment to, those families most in need so children can continue to access important online learning and education.”