Procurement at Sanctuary

At Sanctuary, we believe in delivering high quality products, systems and services to our customers.

To ensure we deliver exceptional value for money, we work with our suppliers at every step of the procurement life cycle, from product and service conception through to sourcing and contract management.

Important notice

Government legislation is coming into force from October 2021 that requires anyone working in a care home needs to be fully vaccinated. This includes all trades entering a care home to do work. More information can be found on the website.

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The Group spends over £200 million each year via contracts with its preferred suppliers covering a range of goods and services such as food and uniforms for care homes, repairs and construction materials, utilities, office supplies, waste management, professional services and transport. In addition, there is a large capital investment programme covering building schemes, computers, communications and other equipment.

As a registered provider of social housing, we work in line with Public Procurement Regulations which requires us to advertise and award tenders. Where the estimated value of the contract is expected to exceed the financial thresholds of the Public Contract Regulations, currently £189,330 for goods and certain services, and £4,733,252 for public works contracts, the requirement will be advertised on Find a Tender Service (FTS). FTS is available electronically and free of charge. The Group also advertises tenders on the Government’s Contracts Finder website and Public Contracts Scotland.

The Sanctuary Group eTendering portal- ProContract gives potential and existing suppliers an easy way to respond to our tenders. Our online system allows us to give suppliers the most up-to-date tender information while reducing email traffic and paper waste. All tenders are posted on the portal and applications from suppliers are managed through the online tool. Suppliers can register on the portal at any time. When we post tenders for the goods or services you selected at the time of registration, you will receive automatic emails containing a link to the latest opportunity.The eTendering portal screengrabs (PDF 600KB); show the steps to follow to access tender documents and complete the tender questions. We welcome interest from small, medium and large supply organisations who share our approach in the way they work. Details of English contracts awarded over £25,000 will be published on Contracts Finder.

Our procurement activities follow a clear process to give all interested parties a fair chance to work with us.

A Sanctuary Maintenance operative cutting grass.

Gifts and Hospitality: Only small value promotional items of nominal value (such as desk diaries, pens, mugs, etc.) offered by suppliers and contractors may be accepted, everything else will be declined.

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